Ghana’s Solar Taxi, Futuristic and Creative

A Solar Taxi Vehicle

Research has shown that about 70% of fumes that destroys the ozone layer comes from city centers and the dominant activities are vehicular movements.

Solar Taxi Ghana, a project initiated by the MasterCard Foundation in 2018 seeks to alleviate poverty and create employment opportunities for young people while protecting the environment by leveraging on energy harnessed from the sun to drive solar-powered vehicles.

With support from the MasterCard Foundation, Solar Taxi Ghana has taken crucial steps in creating an economic and environmental impact on Ghanaian communities by using cleaner alternative sources of energy for transportation.

In effect, it solves noise and air pollution as well as reducing the depletion of the ozone layer thus, contributing to the achievement of the 13th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

These vehicles can be charged using the conventional electricity from the national grid, but because of the unreliable nature of the Ghanaian electricity, a solar hub has been designed locally to replace the power provided by the national grid.

These fleet of electric vehicles include a mini car, electric passenger tricycles, cargo tricycles and motor tricycles. Some vital components of the vehicles are imported into the country and locally assembled.

Solar Taxi Ghana aims to explore avenues closer to technology and hardware to equip women with skills in emerging technologies, which will further stimulate their interest in renewable energy.

These opportunities will provide young women with unique training experience and a budding network of like-minded individuals pursuing social change through innovation.

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