How your kitchen style/design can inspire confidence

Growing up as a child, I have always loved to help my mother in the kitchen. Helping my mother in the kitchen was an experience I wanted to have for my childhood and own a little kitchen when I grow up. Unfortunately, I do not recall any memory of me and my mother in the kitchen, not even with my sisters. One of the things I can recall about my mother’s kitchen was the look of the kitchen. It had little attraction and an absolute bad design.

How about getting home from work and catching a nice view of your kitchen while refreshing yourself with a cold juice sitting near the island. You could actually spend some few minutes in retrospection on the day’s activities.

I absolutely believe the style and design of your kitchen can inspire confidence for your career, business, family and future.

#1. The colour of your kitchen is a confidence booster

Colour is definitely a resource for beauty. Enhancing the beauty of your kitchen with the right colour combination is a toast for life. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky a Russian painter and art theorist describes the effect of colour so well. To her, “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Choosing the right colour combination can rejuvenate you from a hectic day and provide you with enough strength to face the world.

#2. When the design and style comes from a deep experience

Your kitchen design and style should have a piece of your story. It should remind you of who you are and how you have evolved . It could be a carved wood representing life, a favourite quote, or an abstract drawing of your imagination. This could be your hide-out in your house and a sure motivator for the battles ahead. Moreover, if you are just starting a family, this will sure be an awesome family foundation for greater things in the future.

#3. Building your kitchen with music

What is life without music? Either a Beethoven, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Pop music, Afrobeats, Gospel or highlife music should find a space in your kitchen. Due to modern technology, it is now possible to have music tools integrated in your kitchen. On the flip side, you can actually design this yourself by just fixing the music tools at vantage positions.

#4. Hosting family and friends

Receiving family and friends at home usually gets one on the edge. You will have to start cleaning the house and making sure your kitchen is ready and fit for the days activity. With a simple and elegant kitchen, your worry will just fizzle out. You are sure of providing a clean and welcoming home to your guest. During moments like this, you have more confidence about the outcome of the event and less worries.

#5. Creating a fun game spot in your kitchen

Family is the most important unit in our society. A lot of us have benefited from the family system growing up as a children. This same experience can be passed on to the next generation when we are able to spend bonding times with our family. The kitchen can help by creating a family fun game in the kitchen. The kitchen is no more an area in the house but it is the area in the house for the family.

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