What to consider when decorating your room

Imagine stepping into your room and feeling excited just at the look of décor and colour. Yes, this is what you get when you spend some time to give your room a face-lift.

I will agree finding a place to call your is a daunting process and it drains all the energy and excitement within even before we settle in our homes. However, it will make a lot of sense to make an extra effort to give your room a touch of warmth just for your relaxation.

If you are considering adding some colour to your room then you are at the right place. I have the magic wand to transform your room with these ideas.

#1. Decide on your favourite colour/s

One of the interesting attraction for a room is its colour. Be it loud or calm, the colour of the room makes a statement. In choosing a colour, be sure it reflects your personality as much as it brings you the peace needed in a home. A blend of colours will not hurt but make sure they are not out of order or intense. You can always ask friends to help you out if you have difficulties deciding on which colour(s) to use.

#2. Work with a budget

Be specific about the things you want to get for your room. Without a budget, you will spend beyond your income and on unnecessary items. A budget keeps you in check and helps you decide what is important and what you will need in the future. Simple things can make you a lot of difference without spending too much. Create a list of items you will need to put the room in shape and another list to enhance the room.

#3. Take advantage of home fairs to sample home products and designs

You may not have all the idea to help you design your room or perhaps you have a tight schedule that makes it difficult to window shop. Look out for home fairs in your community or city where you can have a one-stop shop for almost everything you will need to decorate your room. Home fairs are beneficial because it exposes you to a plethora of ideas and options to choose from for your room.

#4. If you can, spend time to do the basic things like paintings and designs

After making time to select items needed for your room, do well to be part of the process of decorating it. Take up an activity that you can easily do and outsource the difficult ones to friends or a professional. If you are good at painting and design, you can take up that task to save some cash while exercising your skill. Things like wiring, tiling, ceiling and others may be difficult for you to do; therefore, you can hire an expert for a professional service.

#5. Don’t stuff your room with unnecessary items.

Have you entered a room or house and felt like stepping out quickly? Do not be caught in the trap of having everything in your room and end up stuffing your room with unnecessary items.  Allow your room to be spacious and well ventilated. Stuffy rooms are not good for your health and psyche. If you do not have storage room, create a hanging cabinet to keep the things you may not need now.

#6. Pick out some artworks and frames

Few of the items you can pick up to give life to your room are artworks and frames. Imagine having a beautiful canvas of the Atlantic Ocean or beautiful flower canvas on your wall.  These two are just few of the items you can use for your wall. They could also be simple designs of inspirational quotes and your mentor. You can get some artifacts from pawnshops that speak about your personality.

#7. Create space for room essentials like furniture and bed.

Basic room essentials like bed, furniture and wardrobes must be prioritised over other items for the room. When you finally settle for a place to stay, you should take note of the room size and height. They will advise on your bed size and furniture for a perfect room fit. Ignoring the measurement will leave your room with little space.

#8. Play with stand-alone lamps to brighten your room.

If you are an avid reader, you will appreciate the importance of stand-alone lamps or bedside lamps. These lights aside from aiding reading can bring a spark to your room especially when the sundown. You do not need too many of them, two or three depending on the size of your room.

As you start the process of giving life to your room, remember that a beautiful home is a home built with love.

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