Accra to go Sky Train

Transportation is one of the important sector of every economy in the world. Many countries have invested millions into this sector and the result has been amazing. Many of us can testify to the benefits of a properly manage transport system and how it affects economies. Either by land, sea, or air transport, life becomes very comforting.

Ghana will see its first ever sky train in Accra as the government tackles the mundane transport problems in the country. We are excited the country of Ghana is paying attention to the growing concerns of its people.

These are four amazing benefits of the sky train for the country Ghana

#1. Increase Productivity

Accra is a cosmopolitan city that deserves a state of the art transport system to sustain the socio-economic development of its people. The introduction of the skyline train will ensure less time in traffic and more time working. In Accra, more people spend about 3 hours to work and equal number of hours returning from work. The sky train will definitely improve the situation while however; more creative solutions must be introduced.

#2. Attract more investors

Everyone looking to invest will look out for the developmental plans of the economy. Huge businesses who big on making profits will look out for how governments are investing into certain key sectors of the economy like transportation. Already, Ghana has been described as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, hence, the need to prepare for the influx of international and local investment.

#3. Tourist attraction

The intended plan is to have routes from,

Mallam to Central Business District – RED LINE  –  Ofankor to Central Business District – GOLD LINE Adenta to Central Business District – GREEN LINE   –  Tema to Central Business District – BLACK LINE. These routes will become tourist routes for millions of tourists around the world. The city of Accra will have another source of revenue generation that can be used to expand other cities in Ghana.

#4. Provide employment

The unemployment rate the world over is a major setback to development. From construction to other auxiliary services will be provided by Ghanaian citizens. This action will partially solve the unemployment problem in the country.

Railways Development Minister, Mr Joe Ghartey, signed the agreement for Ghana on the sidelines of the Africa Investment Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2018.

The proposed initiative in Accra provides for the development of five routes, four of which are comprised of radial routes that originate at the proposed SkyTrain Terminal, at the heart of Accra, at a newly developed Kwame Nkrumah circle, and one route that provides an intra-city commuter loop distribution service, also emanating from Circle.

Urbanreel is very excited to see such developments spring up in ‘developing’ countries like Ghana. We will follow keenly to bring you more updates.

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