When travel is banned and life comes to a halt, what alternative activity can keep us in wait? More countries have instituted a ban on travel as a means to curbing the spread of the Covid 19.  This has grounded world travel(air, land,sea) and inversely affecting world tourism and travel economy.

Urbanreel curates interesting and fun activities  to keep you busy while experts fight the deadly virus, Covid 19.

#1.Read a new book.

This is the time to gain new knowledge and skill. While world activity is slowing down, take advantage of the free time to read a book that can influence work, relationship, spirituality, family, and health.

#2.Connect with family and friends.

The world has become a fast pane. We are like the formula One (1) sports, running around looking for ways to win in every lap. We can use this period to connect with family and friends, build new relationships and enhance old relationships. Pick a phone, connect to old friends, and catch up for old time sake.

#3.Plan indoor games.

What is life without fun? Since most nations are going into a lock-down, we can play indoor games like sing a song, do a theatrical reading, recite a poem from memory, perform a skit with one or more family members, juggle, play an instrument, do a dance, make a family album, egg race, family talent show and many more.

#4.Do a room makeover if need be.

Remodel your room. Get creative and give your room a face-lift. How about you move a few things and re-position them. If you happen to have wall paints, you can save some bucks by doing the painting yourself since you have some time on your hand. In the spirit of learning new things, you will become a better person and fulfilled.

#5.Make time to meditate.

This is a practice of using mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity as a technique to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Amidst the fear and panic in the world, this exercise can put your mind to rest and build your faith.

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