This November, Microsoft is launching two versions of the next-gen Xbox: The Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X.

Both consoles play the same games, but the latter is far more powerful and far more expensive: The Xbox Series X will cost $500 when it launches on November 10.

Microsoft is offering a financing plan that starts at $25 per month and comes with access to the company’s “Netflix of gaming” service, Xbox Game Pass.

Both consoles are scheduled to arrive on November 10, and both are capable of playing next-gen Xbox games but that’s where the similarities end. When it finally launches, Xbox Series S will cost $300, while the Xbox Series X costs $500 revealed on Wednesday morning by Microsoft.

Those prices include a subscription to Microsoft’s “Netflix for gaming” service, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The service provides access to over 100 games that are part of a continually updated library. Moreover, those games are all able to be streamed, Netflix-style, directly to your mobile device.

Though many of the specs are similar, a quick look at the “GPU Power” section demonstrates what the respective specs are capable of producing: About 4 TFLOPS (” teraflops “) on the Xbox Series S, and over 12 on the Xbox Series X.

The more expensive and more powerful Xbox Series X will produce the same games with higher fidelity visuals. It also comes with a larger amount of internal storage, at 1 TB to the 512 GB found in the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X offers far more horsepower approximately three times more, as demonstrated in a specs comparison list Microsoft published alongside the pricing news.

Source : Business Insider

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