How to jump the Red light

I have always hated the waiting moment in vehicular traffic. Most especially when I am running late for either a meeting or an event. It seems the traffic builds up just when I am running late.

I am sure most of us have found ourselves in a similar situations. To think of it, who invented the traffic light? Lets dig into how we can beat the red light.

#1 Be an early riser

Create a conducive sleeping environment that allows you to sleep and wake up at a desired time. Do not assume you can wake up on your own if you have not trained yourself. I have not been able to beat the red light until I set goals for myself. You can always ask a friend or relative to keep you in check.

#2 Set an Alarm

Kid you not, an alarm can be very annoying. I have personally ignored my alarm on several occasions to catch more sleep and it has cost me money. Your alarm will put you on a good start and get you out of the house on time to beat the red light.

#3 Decide to get to your destination 20 mins before time

For those of us who are not good at sticking to time, we can get to our destination 20 mins before time. The red light is never going to bend the rules for your lateness so you have to find a way of beating it to the game. One of my very good friends has admitted he is culprit to not sticking to time hence he has set his time about 10 mins behind time to help him beat the red light.

#4 Understand the peak time on the road

You must observe your routes carefully to know when to hit the road. It is not news that most routes are known to hit a snag during some hours of the day. You are steps ahead when you have this information. Do not make the mistake of just jumping on the road; cars and crazy honks will swamp you.

#5 If it is a short distance, walk or get a bicycle

How about you burn some while working. You can take shorter walking routes to your destination or better still grab a bicycle to get you to your destination. You can decide with your colleagues at work or relatives at home to purchase a bicycle together to get you around to shorter destinations.

#6 Have a quick check at the traffic situation before setting off.

In certain cities, you get to receive live traffic reports about heavy traffic. If you find yourself in any of these cities then you are good to go. You just have to download any of those applications to set you up. However, you find yourself in cities without live updates, you can check in with your friends and colleagues for information to help you make an informed decision.

#7 You can delegate task or use virtual communication for your meeting if possible.

Modernity has made the world a global village. Distance is more a barrier to doing business and reaching out to friends and family. We cannot allow the red get into our way when our business or relationship is on the line. Why receive the brunt of the red light when you sit at pub or restaurant and connect to your business partners via the internet.



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