How to cut transportation budget in your City. ‘For public transport user’

Have you ever wondered why you seem to lose a chunk of your cash on transportation? The largest city in the world is Shanghai with over 24.1 million people. If you are living in such a city, you will be a constant customer of alternative transport.

The popular fix for transportation budgeting in your city is public transport. Now, no one can dispute this assertion, but how about a more unconventional means of budgeting for inner city transportation.

#1 Walk a few distance of your journey

This is also good for your health since we barely have time for exercise. Walking a few distance from your house will definitely save you some money and increase metabolism in your body. Inversely, you can decide to walk a few distance to work which is equally good since you get to meet other colleagues on your to the office or destination.

#2 Find other shorter routes

They say there are many ways to kill a cat. You can opt for other shorter routes to work taking into consideration safety and security. Finding other shorter routes gives you options when the traffic is heavy and jammed up. For instance, I get to use other routes to work and meetings when my usual routes give up on me.

#3 Find a walking partner

It takes two to tango. You can find either a friend, colleague, neighbour or an acquaintance who can be a source of encouragement to you and vice versa. I t will not hurt to pair with someone who is also looking at cutting down on transport fare. Truth is, this can be discomforting but we are in a global village with no barriers, we can always give it a shot.

#4 Join a car pool

A car pool is an arrangement by a group of people to commute together by car. Every morning, I join an old friend of mine who happens to drive through my destination before arriving to his office. I have made it one of the measures of keeping up with a tight budget for transport fares. You get find or meet others interesting people and network as well.

#5 Take advantage of the staff/Community bus

Be on the lookout for free transport offers in your office or community. It is not a bad idea to jump on a free ride in your community or office. Mind you, cutting down on transport budget means reinvesting the cash into you career, house, school or business.

While we are cutting down on transport budget, we must tie it to a good cause that can spur us up anytime we feel like giving up.

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