The world has been plunged into a state uncertainty due to the nature of the deadly virus, Covid-19. The spread and deaths recorded so far exceeds 900,000 and 45,000 respectively. Affected countries and territories currently stands at 206 making it a real-world pandemic.

The scare of the virus is likely to affect trade and movement. While we wait on our viral biologist and other expects to find a one-time vaccine/cure, here are 6 ways to use your local transport in your country to avoid Covid-19.

#1. Be mindful of your personal hygiene

Pay attention to your personal hygiene. Before you step out, do well to wash your hands properly with soap and running water. You are less likely to be infected should you come in contact with the virus. Your clothing should be properly ironed under the highest degree of hotness.

#2. Keep your distance as much as possible

In the wake of the virus, close contact has been established as a means of transmission hence keeping a distance. Be mindful of the means of transport you want to settle for and depending on your journey you should consider how you could distant yourself.

#3. Do well to avoid crowded lorry parks

Treat the spread of the virus with a tact of seriousness. While moving around, be on the lookout for areas that are crowded and avoid them as much as possible. It is the avoidance of such crowds that limits the spread of the virus.

#4. Run most of your errands at a go

The US has recorded the highest cases of Covid-19 with 237,877 cases 5,715 deaths and 10,324 recovered. We can avoid the virus by running all our errands at a go. Write your to do list for the day and get them done in fewer days than the normal.

#5. Keep taps of all your routes and activity to help trace other contacts in any eventuality

One of the critical measures to keeping the spread under control is contact tracing. When there is a need to trace a spread you can easily be identified and giving the necessary support.

#6. Use your non-dominant hand for car doors and other surfaces

Desist from having body contact with other people and objects. Do not cough loosely; cover your mouth when you cough and do not use your dominant hand for objects and surfaces. You are less likely to touch your face with that.

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