How Ghana’s terminal three became the ‘game changer’.

Kotaka Internation Airport.

A bird view of the Kotoka International airport few years back was never exciting. If you ask me, I will say it is true. For some reasons, we have not placed premium on building sceneries that projects our country.

Many air passengers have shared their opinion about how a bird view smacks confidence and breaks their heart. Truth is, nobody will be excited when his or her experiences are short-lived. After burning your eyes with spectacular views elsewhere, it is just understandable that the switch gets you unhappy.

Guess what, the game changer has arrived, the terminal 3 at the Kotoka International airport has levelled the playing field. You should want to go the airport for yourself. Take a day off your busy schedule and visit the terminal 3 and have your own experience.

#1. The new terminal has the capacity to process 1,250 passengers at peak times.

Now you do not have to worry about whether or not you can travel during peak seasons and on time.  Since the process has been made efficient, you get more time on your hand to either shop or catch a last glimpse of Ghana before you fly out. Make sure to tell your diaspora friends and relatives to frequent Ghana.

 #2. A large retail and commercial area and three business lounges.

How about getting your last item or parcel for that friend before you fly out? With the large retail and commercial area, you are assured of finding your favourite brand on the shelves. In addition, when you need to have that quick business meeting before you fly out, the new terminal has three business lounges just for you.

Kotoka International Airport

#3. Six fixed links and seven air bridges expandable to eight.

You think you have too many luggage; the new terminal three got you.  The new terminal is fit for purpose with an expandable air bridge. You are assured of high security of your luggage plus an awesome walk through. I am prepping for my own experience.

#4. Parking space is available with the capacity to handle more than 700 cars.

Just like tis the season of year of return, the terminal three can take up to 700 cars at a go. You have a dear one coming to Ghana, d not worry about how to get around with parking lots. Just make sure you use the prescribed parking areas provided by the airport.

Kotoka International Airport

#5. It serves as a tourism landmark.   

Think about the feel good comment shared by countless of travellers coming into Ghana. Yes, the country is not doing well as expected but we can drool about the terminal three for few minutes. We have famous people commend Ghana for stepping her game in the aviation industry. Connect with few of your friends and have a look at the new game changer.

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