Six Hacks to survive in Accra

The city of Accra is a cosmopolitan city as compared to other popular cities in the world like London, Brussels, New York, Toronto, Lagos, Johannesburg and Cairo. A cosmopolitan city is a large city with diverse culture.

Ghana lies in the centre of the Gulf of Guinea coast boarded by bordered by the Gulf of Guinea in south, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in west, Burkina Faso in north, and Togo in east. Accra is the capital city of Ghana located in the western part of Africa. It is a city carved in rich culture, unique personalities and sprawling economy.

Just like, every cosmopolitan city, Accra comes with its own ‘wahala’ (issues). Until you are giving the blueprint to the city, you find yourself wanting.

#1. Learn the basic Ghanaian languages.

Ghana has over 75 languages and over 100 ethnic groups in Ghana. The largest ethnic groups are Akan, Moshi-Dagbani, Ewe, and Ga. The popular language that connects city dweller is Twi. So when in Accra, make sure to acquaint yourself with the basics of the Twi language. Here are few of the popular words to note; Good morning – Mema wo akye, Good afternoon – Mema wo aha, Good evening – Mema wo adwo, Welcome – akwaaba!, How are you? – : Wo ho te sɛn? and Please – Mepa wo kyɛw. You can also visit  to learn more.

#2. Wear very comfortable clothing

Ghana experiences a typical tropical climate. It is usually hot, and the seasons are either wet or dry. If you want to stay in Accra and be comfortable, your clothing should be light and airy. Wearing a heavy jacket or a jumpsuit in this kind of weather will flush your skin. Temperatures are milder in the highlands like Aburi as it is in the hills, which get a cooling mist most mornings and evenings. Make sure to select light clothing to complement the weather.

#3. Use hailing apps if you are not too sure about your destination

Just like in most modern cities, hailing apps have become the surest way of getting around unknown destinations. You can move around with ease without problems of getting lost. Accra has most of its roads captured on the Google-map making it easier for tourist and visitors alike to enjoy their stay. From your hotel or residence to your destination is mostly marked with a 95% successful route with 5% failure when Google-map decides to mess up.

#4. You should never assume to know everything

Accra has a mix of the affluent, the ‘hustler’ and the goal ‘getter’. Everyone is on a constant drive to achieving his or her dreams. Therefore, you everyone is busy with his or her business. When you have a genuine concern, you must address it head on without mincing words. You must also ask for help when you have to, do not assume to know it all, else, you will be left to fend for yourself when things turn out bad. Assuming to know it all is a total put off for most citizens of Accra and they can decide not to offer help when you need it the most.

#5. When setting up a meeting, make sure to set it an hour early before the prescribed time.

In Accra, one of the canker eating up the economy is the culture of no regard for time. It is strange how it has affected almost everyone in that city. Most business meetings are treated with kid gloves causing many lost opportunities. To get the most out any meeting, do well to set the meetings an hour before time. The cultural system that has crawled into their corporate, governance and religious life. Over time, this culture seem to be dying off, but it is important to take note of such before embarking on your journey.

#6. Every meeting must have an ‘item 13’

When you want to get the most out every meeting or gathering, be sure to mention ‘item 13’. After meetings in Ghana, there is something known as “Item 13” which actually means, refreshment. Strange huh! Well it is not the lack of it (refreshment) or its affordability by the attendees, but people will respond to ‘item 13’ with enthusiasm than a meeting without ‘item 13’ on the menu. Item 13 is the refreshment.  It is widely used by Ghanaians but this might stump foreigners because they can hardly tell what it means. This came about because, in meetings, number 13 on the list of the agenda is usually time for refreshment.

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