When it comes to home safety, it is important to protect your home against threats like burglary, intrusion and fire.

To protect your home, you will need to know how to protect it against other threats like fires that can put your family and your home at risk.

Use these tips system to help protect your home and your loved ones.


#1. Never leave candles or other open flames burning unattended.

When I was a kid, I nearly died because of an unattended candle that caught fire whilst I was fast asleep. There should always be an adult present when candles or any open flame is in use, do not leave these fires unattended. Also, be sure to teach young children about the dangers of playing with fire including matches and lighters.


#2. Use fire resistant building materials

When buying, building or renovating your home, make sure you use fire resistant materials for your home. Pay special attention to roofing and siding (such as boards, metals or plastic pieces) materials that wraps your entire home. There are many affordable fire resistant options available in the market. Therefore, do your homework to choose materials that will truly protect your home.


#3. Never leave the stove or other fire dangers unattended.

Do not leave hot irons, burning stovetops and outdoor grills unattended while in use. Double-check that you have turned them off after use. Having added protection like carbon monoxide detectors or smoke and heat sensors can also help you protect your home and loved ones from fire. For the best fire detection and notification protection, install both ionization and photoelectric-type smoke alarms (quicker at sensing flaming, fast moving fires and smouldering fires).Test them monthly to make sure they work and replace the batteries once a year. Safeguarding your home with heat and smoke sensors can give your home an added layer of protection.


#4. Clear and dispose of dry or dead vegetation.

Be sure to regularly clean up and properly dispose of yard waste and other dry or dead vegetation that may present a fire risk. This is especially important during hot or dry months to help you protect you home and surrounding areas from fire.


#5. Keep fire hazards stored away.

Store firewood and other combustibles away from your home. In addition, keep the lid on your trashcan secured at all times to avoid accidents. Things like paper waste and other types of trash can easily catch fire.


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